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Join a growing number of global
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Your IT Dream Team

We build a dedicated team of IT specialists catered to your needs,
offering you:

Outstaffing, as easy as 1-2-3


1. Recruiting

Supportech offers a transparent resource augmentation model with the following easy steps:
During the recruiting phase we screen 100’s of resumes and short-list candidates matching your requirements, conduct HR interview, arrange for Skype/phone interview for you and conduct test tasks. Once the candidate passes all stages of interview, we present him/her with the job offer approved by you, discuss conditions of probation period, manage all paper work and tax forms and place the candidate on your company’s payroll.


2. Setup and Orientation:

During this phase we will present the candidate with a "Welcome package" and introduce him/her to the team, go through the Orientation program, introduce the candidate to his/her new workstation prepared according to your specifications, and connect to the company infra-structure, arrange for training on company policies and procedures as well as attendance practices.


3. Retention and Motivation:

Supportech provides for an excellent system of motivation, training courses, North American management style, bi-annual system of staff review, various sports and tournaments and finally a friendly atmosphere at the office. We provide company lunches and refreshments, healthy fruits and quality drinks making Supportech one of the most favorite companies in the market with lowest rate of turnover in the Ukraine.