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Our Clients

- SUN Microsystems of Canada, ELP e-learning system.
- BWC, Haifa, Israel. Automated correspondence system.
- ISOPIA a SUN Microsystems of Canada company.
- Caspio Inc., California, USA. WEB based Database solutions.
- OnePlanetOPS Inc. USA.
- JOBJAB, Toronto, Canada. WEB based job portal.
- SCC of Florida, USA. Hospital and LAB information systems.
- Tellabs, IL, USA. Telephony systems.
- VisiSolve, Canada. Insurance Claims Investigation.
- SPAR Aerospace, Toronto, Canada. Canada ARM simulation program.
- PROMIS a PRI company, Toronto, Canada.
- PARAMAX a UNISYS of Montreal company.
- SYSTOR AG. Of Switzerland.
- AliasWavefront, a Silicon Graphics Company.

And more...


"Supportech's role, in our view, was instrumental in creating an infrastructure within the development team,
providing training, installing QA and integration teams, creating standard operating procedures.
Supportech has a remarkable capability for staff training, with a very cooperative and professional attitude".

SCC - Director of Research

"Testimonial by SUN Microsystems is available upon request to individual clients".

"Supportech has proven itself to be a reliable and dependable company.
Their business and professional attitude and commitment to excellence has been remarkable.
They have shown flexibility and willingness to solve problems.
They have performed different tasks with short notice and with enthusiasm".

Chief Technology Officer - ISOPIA

"Supportech assisted us in achieving our goal for a low cost development center, which in turn enabled us to gain a larger market share".
SCC - President

"We came up with an idea of porting a graphic-intensive Database application to web and SUPPORTECH turned our idea into reality.
Their highly technical team was both professional and pleasant to work with.
They managed to meet tough deadlines and delivered top quality product".

CEO - VisiSolve

"Supportech is a true partner for us. Over the past two years they have provided high quality and smart solutions for large and complex problems on time and on budget.
We have enjoyed their professionalism and flexibility.
I highly recommend their services to organizations who cannot take risk in their software development efforts".

CEO - Caspio Inc

"SUPPORTECH helped my company to stay on the cutting edge of technology and one step ahead of my competition.
At first I was concerned about the idea of outsourcing, being far from the development center and the language & cultural barriers.
However I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and timely delivery.
Keep up the terrific work guys".

President and CEO - JOBJAB

"Testimonial by AXXYR Medical Systems is available upon request to individual clients".

CEO - Axxyr Medical Systems.