Our Clients
Sample Projects

Sample Projects
  • Hermitage - for IBM Latvia and World Bank - Oracle Database system, Latvia unemployment insurance funds management system.
  • SUN Microsystems Canada - WEB based Distant Learning Management System (e-learning), Internationalization - Java, EJB/JSP.
  • SCC, Florida US - Hospital and LAB information system. Client-server application, thin client, VC++, Unix/AIX, CORBA, dbVista. US client.
  • JOBJAB, Toronto, Canada - Canada's leading online job site.
    PHP, MySQL, Apache WEB server, Linux.

  • Tellabs - Telephony system, full CPU diagnostics subsystem on an embedded 386 based T1 Multiplexer switching network including POWER-UP and PERIODIC diagnostics. US client.
  • Giffels - Automated Inventory and catalogue system.
  • Alias Wavefront - Silicon Graphics.
  • Spar Aerospace - Canada Arm simulation program, calibration and testing.
  • PROMIS/PRI - Automated Manufacturing Floor Plant Monitoring system, client-server, Unix, VMS.
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