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  • As a member of Shout's development team, you will lead the technical vision and implementation of the iOS and Android apps. All development tasks will be delivered as user stories. Your responsibility will be to build on those user stories meeting each acceptance criteria and providing feedback along the way to improve the product. You will work in coordination with other developers, Shout's lead designer and Shout's product manager.

  • is mobile social application that monitors person's social footprint online and showcases their character traits confirmed by those who know them best. It's like LinkedIn for person's character profile. Users may login via their Facebook account and are able to connect multiple social media accounts including, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to retrieve Shout Score. By using a mix of natural language processing algorithms, Bayesian probability and's native design, our proprietary algorithm analyzes all social media posts and determines their level of positivity.

  • Frontend: iOS, Android, basic web development
  • Database: Cassandra 2.1
  • Application server stack: Python 3 with the Flask framework
  • Python library NLTK
  • Message queue: RabbitMQ
  • Search server: elasticsearch
  • Deployment mechanism: Docker
  • AWS EC2

  • Design & develop system architecture.
  • Build out the backend API services.
  • Build noSQL database, migrate existing database to PostgreSQL.
  • Work with mobile developers on cross-platform service.

  • Really friendly team.
  • Financial satisfaction.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Paid vacation and sick leaves.
  • Cozy office in the center.
  • Weekly team lunches, corporate events.

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Head Office - Canada

Tel: (416) 855-6888
Fax:(416) 855-6777

Ukraine Development Center

(Direct North American Line)
Tel: (647) 429-1352

US - Sales and Marketing

Tel: (408) 446-9900
Fax:(408) 446-9977
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