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Copyright and Ip

At SUPPORTECH Inc. your IP and privacy issues will be taken seriously. Having worked with internationally renowned clients since the beginning, SUPPORTECH Inc. places a heavy emphasis on protecting clients’ interests. At SUPPORTECH Inc., all project and client information is protected against unauthorized use. Only team members authorized to work on the project and having signed non-disclosure agreements will have access to the project information through secure network connection. Strict control on access to servers and workstations is in place for all team members.

All information related to the project, and communication regarding the project, will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with any third partys without prior consent of the client. Upon completion of the project, all source code, graphics, documentation, and all other related material will be removed from workstations and servers, making the client the soul owner of the IP and the final product.

Reliable and proven procedures are in place to protect the clients IP and confidentiality.

Please contact us for details about available and proven IP protection.
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